BLEACH animated drawings, 4/3, 3:00 min (2007)

Kristina Paustian creates a complex narrative exploring social phobia in this work. From the moment the protagonist in this animation short is delivered on screen you are aware that a story of life and death is about to evolve. Despite the playful rendering and cartoon like world that is presented, a much darker scene unfolds.
Our central figure is run down by a crowd of figures in what appears to be an
endless struggle to conform. These figures are continually attempting to get
somewhere fast with disregard for anything that gets in the way. The central figure appears injured, yet continues to get back up and make attempt after attempt to run with the crowd.
The use of audio is synthetic and dramatic. The sound complements the sense of movement and cyclical space created in the work. This is a very thoughtful and concise depiction of the phenomena of "social phobia" The theme of this work is extremely relevant given the effect technology has on how current and future generations define "social relations".
Text by Steven Ceraso

Bleach Still