(12:12 min, HD, sound)
video installation

The viewer observes a female body, placed in a neutral setting, carrying a heavy iron wash bowl, filled with water. The body position is on tiptoe (an attempt to simulate a ballet position, which is to be seen as aesthetically pleasing.) We hear a monologue from Jean Luc Godards Vivre Sa Vie (A Life To Live, 1962). In a dynamic interplay with the picture: the casual and lightly tossed phrases spoken by female voice become a self-imposed rule or even a maxim. Here the irony can be seen between the celebrated grace and femininity and the heavy burden / responsibility of a modern woman. It's about holding out. It's all about balance.

“We‘re free. I raise my hand - I’m responsible. I turn my head to the right - I‘m responsible. I‘m unhappy - I’m responsible. I light a cigarette - I’m responsible. I shut my eyes - I’m responsible. I forget I’m responsible, but I am. Escape is a pipe dream. After all, everything is beautiful. It’s life.”

Der Betrachter sieht einen weiblichen Körper, der eine als ästhetisch empfundene Körperstellung aus dem klassischen Ballett (En pointe- Stand auf der Fußspitze) annimmt. Dabei wird eine eiserne, mit Wasser gefüllte, Waschschale in den Händen gehalten. Es geht um das Aushalten. Es geht um die Balance.

Sound Design - Jochen Jezussek


Exhibitions views - Gallery Designtransfer, Berlin